If you’re feeling a little frustrated with your language learning, take a couple of minutes to read this blog. Remember that learning a language isn’t just going to help you to travel or watch original movies without subtitles., it can also help you significantly in your work goals.

Improve your Communication Skills: When you learn a second language, you become better at communicating in your mother tongue as well. You learn how to communicate clearly.

KISS: When you learn a new language you have to communicate the essentials, go straight to the point, don’t use unnecessary words,  so you learn to KEEP IT SHORT and SIMPLE. Your instructions become clearer.

You get better results from your international team. Naturally ! You can communicate easily with all people involved in a project, and listen to what each member has to say, understanding any concerns caused by different cultural backgrounds.

Learning a Language Increases Your Ability to Switch Tasks: In your work you need to be able to work on more than one task at a time. In many cases, you must switch from one topic to another in short time. When you speak a couple of languages task switching comes naturally, so you’ll flip from one activity to another with little or no effort.

Develop your working memory: Learning a second language can help improve your memory.

Become more open minded: Learning a language opens your mind to new ideas. You start to see things from a different perspective and opens you up to new cultures..

Improve your brain function: Learning a language makes your brain stronger, as your networks become more flexible, you get to make connections faster, which means you open yourself up to a wealth of  knowledge. As you learn to understand new words and to recognize hidden meanings, your gray matter becomes denser.

And of course when you speak two, three, or more languages, you’ll have access to better job opportunities!


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