Buckland Business English, the name says it all.

BBE prepares you for the real business world, YOUR professional world.

People who chose BBE are looking to be able to participate actively and assuredly with colleagues, suppliers and international customers in a variety of professional situations.

Being aware of these expectations and specific needs, BBE provides pertinent, effective and flexible training in a relaxed atmosphere.

Relevant training

Tailor-made training programmes

A choice of the themes most suited to your professional activities

Target your real needs

Target your professional vocabulary

Learn how to use up-to-date expressions

Effective training

You progress at your own pace

We work on your particular weak points and build on your strengths

Educational monitoring designed to achieve your goals

Useful and immediate feedback

Be operational quickly

100% in English adapted to your level

Flexible training

Flexible planning

You choose your hours and the place where the training will take place

Possibility of rescheduling your session without incurring charges

Whatever your professional needs, whatever your level, BBE provides you with all the language skills to achieve them.

Buckland Business English