Pronunciation tips for the Simple Past tense and practice

Practice reading these texts.

Text 1 

We prepared designs and discussed them with the clients before we started the implementation.

We looked at the drawings together and they liked them. We provided detailed specifications and showed them the plans at every stage.

They discovered a few small mistakes, but we corrected them. We changed everything they didn’t like.

We even included extra features when they asked for them.

Then as soon as we finished, they complained, they said they wanted something different.

Text 2

During the meeting it was agreed that the system needed to be updated and improved.

So it was decided to recruit a new production manager. HR advertised the post and they received quite a few CVs.

The candidates were interviewed and finally Mr Jones was recruited. He started the very next day.

We monitored the situation and we were encouraged to see that production increased.

However, after 2 months Mr Jones asked for a pay rise with a bonus linked to performance. We accepted this as we expected a significant rise in production, but in fact it dropped by 6%.

We couldn’t believe what happened and we reached a decision to replace Mr Jones by a new assistant, who then reorganized and totally transformed the process.

Text 3

During my last business trip, I experienced a lot of problems.

First of all, I got up late and rushed to the airport. But when I got there, I checked in I saw that the flight was delayed an hour. So, I went straight to the bar and ordered a large coffee. I waited for 45 minutes and then we boarded the aircraft.

When we arrived at our destination, I walked to the hotel which was next to the airport.

But the hotel was overbooked. So, I called a taxi to take me to another one. I found a room but realized that I had forgotten my bank card. I phoned the company, who transferred the money. I signed the receipt and returned it to the accounts department when I got back the next day.

TIP: As a reminder of the pronunciation endings put the verbs in the past tense in the correct pronunciation column .

BERT looked for a hotel.

DAVID decided to leave.

FRED changed the plan.


































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