Following an assessment of your level, a personalized program will be established based on the appropriate level: Perfecting your knowledge

Whatever your level, your personalised programme will target 5 key aspects.

Speaking: increase fluency

the course takes place 100% in English adapted to your level

exercises designed to get you talking

simulations of your meetings and phone calls

learn in a relaxed atmosphere

Understanding: grasp conversations faster

exposure to various accents

listening exercises that target specific and difficult sounds

authentic and everyday listening exercises

Build vocabulary: expand your word base

adapt to your professional lexicon

American / British expressions

learn all English registers

Writing: improving your written expression

email corrections

CV writing

write reports, articles, advertisements

Culture: understanding Anglo-Saxon culture

Be aware of possible cultural misunderstanding

Avoid giving offence

Be tactful when needed and direct when required


In your personalized programme you can chose the priorities that are important to you.

Making a telephone call: taking + leaving a message / making an appointment / requesting information

Making an appointment: introducing yourself / presenting the company / presenting a range of product or service

Writing an email: polite expressions, opening and closing formulas, being clear

Participating in a meeting: stating your preferences, expressing your agreement or disagreement

Participating in a conference call: speaking in a meeting without seeing your interlocutors

Making a presentation: preparing slides, body language, being confident, answering questions

Going on a mission: organizing transport / booking a hotel / being invited to a restaurant

Receiving visitors: understanding cultural connotations / business meals / polite expressions / understanding different accents

Job interviews: writing a CV / talk about your experience / presenting yourself on social media

Writing a report: upstream / downstream study / summarizing

Proposing a solution: explaining consequences / formulating hypotheses

Putting forward a proposal: explaining a price and payment methods / providing a quote

Answering a call for tender: understanding specifications and requirements

Financial English: using numbers / discussing a budget / explaining a quote




Buckland Business English