Phrasal verbs are a key part of knowing the English language. Try this exercise to see if you can match the phrasal verb with its meaning.

a) Learn it quickly b) Work to finish c) Do it one more time d) Need
e) There isn’t any left f) Check in a book g) Check it again h) Replace
i) Calculation isn’t right j) Reduce k) Suggest/Recommend l) Solve
m) Forgotten n) Continue o) Not go somewhere p) Think of a new idea
  1. I need to finish this report by tomorrow. I must get on with it.
  2. I’ve just checked the stationary cupboard and we‘re out of paper clips.
  3. If you don’t know John’s number look it up in the directory.
  4. I’m not sure I understand this part.Can we go over it again ?
  5. I want to be sure the presentation is ok. Let’s run through it one more time.
  6. The new system looks complicated, but you’ll pick it up with practice.
  7. The photocopier is so old, we could do with a new one.
  8. I promised to stand in for John while he away.
  9. It’s very expensive, we’ll need to cut down on costs.
  10. The figures don’t add up, I think you’ve left out last year’s sales.
  11. I want to put forward a new plan for the reorganisation.
  12. I have to work late tonight. I have to sort out the problem with the late invoices.
  13. Keep up the good work.
  14. I promised to go to the office party. I can’t back out now.
  15. To solve the problem we need to be creative, we need to come up with something really original.



1-b / 2-e / 3-f / 4-g/ 5-c / 6-a /7-d /8-h/ 9-j/ 10-i and m/ 11- k/ 12-l / 13-n/ 14-o/ 15-p

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