If you are an intermediate learner this is a good place to improve your listening skills. The level is adapted for level B1 approaching level B2. 


These podcasts are selected for you because the speed is not too fast but at the same time natural and the vocabulary may be familiar to you. 

You are beginning to make progress but you may need to listen several times to each podcast to get the most out of them.

Number  1. What is a Bucket List ?

Your focus: general vocabulary Your Challenge : native speakers, natural English


Number 2 Couch surfing

Your focus:  the past tense Your challenge: unfamiliar vocabulary


Number 3 Living in Canada

Your focus: general vocabulary Your Challenge: 3 natives speaker, Canadian accent


Number 4 Working in a hospital

Your focus: Describing a working day Your Challenge: unfamiliar vocabulary


Number 5 Being Bilingual

Your focus: language vocabulary  Your challenge: native speakers  



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