What to do and How to do it

Keeping a Learning Journal is a very useful way to set objectives, check your progress and adapt learning methods to suit YOU.

So what are your objectives ? You can split your objectives into;

(a) language objectives i.e “I want to learn the past tense”. and (b) operational objectives i.e  I need to speak in a technical meeting next month.

So how can you achieve these objectives ? First of all find something that you enjoy doing !

For your language objectives you should listen to English everyday, write something everyday and try to use new vocabulary when you can.

For your operational objectives you should prepare, prepare and prepare some more !

Try to visual what you might need to say, take the time to “fill in ” your language gaps by checking words in a dictionary and use on-line dictionaries to check your pronunciation of tricky words.

Think about how SMART objectives can be applied to your language learning. Take a look at French SMART Goal Setting For Language Learning

Think about how you FEEL when you speak English. Take a look at an example of a Learning Journal here. Learning Journal PDF

We can discuss these objectives and the Learning Journal together.


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