Some frequently asked questions answered simply.

Do you do telephone or online lessons?

Yes, in fact I do lessons that respoind to learner’s needs – this could be by telephone, through Zoom / Teams or by face-to-face.

An excellent questions, let’s get in contact to discuss your needs.

Can I book a Skype or a telephone lesson online?

Yes you can.

Let’s get in contact by Skype or telephone and organise your lessons together.

To do this you can contact me here.

Do you teach face-to-Face?

Where possible, yes I do.

Face-to-Face lessons take place in and around Toulouse.

Contact me here to set up your first lesson.

Do you teach groups as well as individuals?

Yes, I teach both small groups and individuals – sometimes group learning can be both enjoyable and constructive.

Contact me here to find out more.

Do I need to have a certain level in English or do you teach absolute beginners?

I teach all levels from beginners to advanced learners.

I have a rule though, it MUST be constructive and fun!

Contact me here to find out more.

Do you set homework and provide feedback?

Yes, you can download homework assignments from my client area and upload your work to be corrected and discussed in lessons.

What is the price of your lessons?

A good question, but I’ll ask you a question, How much is a car?

Exactlty – it depends on what car …

Let’s talk about the volume and frequencey of you learning needs, then I’ll make up a fully costed package to give you a clear idea of what it will cost you, even before we begin.

To start off, contact me here and let’s talk about your needs.

Questions are the root of all answers.
Don’t Be Shy!

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