Pronunciation practice for WERE 

First a little grammar revision

We/they/you were late for the meeting.

We/they were the only people who turned up on time.

We/they were so please to receive positive feedback.


Where were: Notice the different pronunciation between these 2 words.

Where = wh “air”  with an open mouth       

Were = w ere with a more closed mouth

 Where were you yesterday?

Who were the first customers?

When were you born?

Why were you late in delivering the final draft?


Notice the difference between “were” and “here”

Wish you were here !!!


There were:

There were a lot of people at the meeting.

There were 500 rooms in the hotel, it took a while to find our room.

Were there any problems with the tests?

Were there many attendees in the conference?



We weren’t late, we were on time.

You weren’t asked to send a mail, you were asked to call.

You can download the PDF here. Pronunciation practice for WERE.

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