Before any job interview take some time to think about how to “sell yourself”, and in order to do this you need the right words.

Here is a list of some words you can use and always have an example for each key word.

TIP: practice what you would say by WRITING it down so that you get the “little” words right too.

To manage
To lead a team
To motivate
To be autonomous (to work autonomously)
To be self motivating
To liaise
To negotiate
To analyse
To implement  (to put in place)
To handle many tasks at the same time (to prioritize) 
To carry out a task
To meet a deadline
To deal with difficult situations (to deal with conflict)
To manage cross cultural communication
To contribute to the company
To possess strong organizational skills
To be rigorous (to pay attention to detail)
To be mobile (be able to travel)
Buckland Business English